Instagram Filters and Lenses; Make and Use

Instagram’s popularity increases each day. Instagram creates new markets through the number of users and the interest it receives. The use of lenses and filters is also increasing at the right rate. Instagram has opened filter and lens creation to everyone as of August 13, 2019. Thanks to Spark AR Studio, Instagram provides its users an experience of fun filters that combine with technology and art. Instagram gives opportunities to artists and brands of all degrees to create ads.


What Is the Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio is an augmented reality platform for Mac and Windows that allows you to easily create AR effects for mobile cameras.

AR on Instagram has enormous potential and is used extensively as a marketing tool. That's why businesses have a lot to gain by finding creative ways to build their brand's AR experiences through Instagram stories.

There are many areas where Augmented Reality technology can be utilized. With the pandemic, the demand for online shopping has increased tremendously. Brands can effectively use augmented reality technology to make online shopping more comfortable. While cosmetics brands enable their followers to try out products, furniture brands use this technology to show the appearance of the items at home. Also, clothing brands can have them try on shirts, sunglasses, or whole clothing in no time to see if their products fit people's styles.

By creating such AR experiences where people can “try out” products, businesses can have an easier time building a personalized connection with customers.


AR Filters for Online Shopping

While creating a shopping environment on Instagram, some products cannot be sufficiently defined by photos or videos.

When you select Kylie Cosmetic's AR effect on Instagram Stories, as the first implementer of AR on Instagram, you can try it out before purchasing to see which shade of Kylie's lipsticks best suits your skin tone. This is a great example of how businesses can use special AR effects on Instagram.

AR Filters for E-Commerce:

It is very lucrative for publishers like eCommerce brands to create their AR effects for Instagram. For example, the very popular food channel Buzzfeed Tasty has created its brand impact for its Instagram stories last year. The great thing about this effect is that it can be used in multiple contexts. Of course, they made this effect available outside of food. In this way, the area of ??influence has also increased.

AR Filters for Awareness

Rihanna has created her own diamond sparkle AR effect to promote Diamond Ball and Clara Lionel in recent years. When this filter is selected, it adds a diamond cap to your selfie.

This is a great example of how businesses can use AR effects to raise awareness of the causes they cause and their audience is interested in. 

Apart from this, businesses or individuals can raise people's awareness with AR filters on many issues such as global warming, Earth Day, animal rights.