How to see full-size profile photo on Instagram ?

Instagram has over billion monthly active users and still growing fastly. Every day all of us open once Instagram app and check stories or timeline for see what's going on the our friend's world. Instagram has lots of features such as slide posts, video, photo, stories, igtv and latest feature is Instagram reels. Probably in next few years a lot of user doesn't need any browser for surfing on the web just Instagram app can be enough for surfing.


Instagram has a lot of feature but you still can't enlarge any profile photo. If you use before the Instagram app and you can realize some users profiles are private and you can't see any photo of their account. And if someone who private profile sent you a follow request maybe you cannot recognize who is this? That's the huge problem for users. 


If you want to see this little tiny profile picture in full HD and big size you can use Insfull. Insfull offers 8x zoom on any instagram profile picture even private account. So you can recognize who is that profile. Also have mobile app you can download from Google Play Store via search Insfull or click the download button.