How to get on the Instagram Explore Page

Although the posts are visual, thanks to its diversity and active users, Instagram has become an indispensable platform for everyone. Together we will go into a few details about Instagram.

Why is Explore Page so Important?

With social media, the desire to be popular among people has increased. At the same time, it has become easier for brands to appeal to more people. The point to be considered is to reach more viewing in an organic way.

  1. Say Hi to Explore Page

In order to get on the Instagram Explore Page, you first need to have a certain number of followers and likes. Newly opened accounts, low number of followers or non-organic accounts are less likely to get on the Explore Page. Increasing the number of followers make it easier to get on the Explore Page.

  1. Prepare Compatible Content

Choose compatible and effective filters for the videos and images you will share. If you use text in your images, make sure that the fonts you choose are legible and modern. In this way, you can catch increases in likes and comments from your followers.

  1. Don't forget to tag location

It is very important to tag location in your posts. Let them know where the photo was taken, where the event will take place, or what region your brand serves. In this way, it is possible to participate in the shares listed in the locations.

  1. Hashtag Usage

The hashtag for Instagram Explore Page is among the most important details. Thanks to hashtags, your chances of appealing to more people increase. But there are a few details that you should pay attention to in its use.

  • Short hashtags should be preferred.
  • Use hashtags that fit the agenda.
  • Your hashtags should match your posts.
  • The use of spam tags should be avoided. 
  • Popular tags always gain followers.
  • You can use Hashfull for finding best hashtags.


  1. Sharing hours are important.

The most important detail of getting on the Instagram Explore Page is fast interaction. It is very important that your share gets likes and comments within the first hour. Pay attention to people's active usage hours and share accordingly. If you have an Instagram business account, you can view the graphs of the active hours of your followers. At the same time, you can examine the pages suitable for the content you share and check their sharing hours. Take care to share your posts frequently and keep your account active.


*Don't forget to take advantage of the IGtv and Reels parts of Instagram.