Ads on Instagram: Control Hiding and More

First, let's talk about the new feature of Instagram.

Instagram keeps the ads and links we interact with! The newcomer feature of Instagram now shows the links you interact with in the activity part. With this feature, you can easily find the links you browse during the day


You will not miss discounted products any more! Instagram also allows you to delete these links. You can hide inconvenient links that were visited by mistake. 


Control Your Ads

“See the ads you’ve recently interacted with and learn more about the brands behind them”


This feature, which can be considered new, is not yet available on every phone. But you can still control your ads. You can find the last ad stories and posts you clicked in the "ads" section, which you can access from the settings.


At the same time, instagram promises to show fewer ads on selected topics based on feedback from users' experiences. You can choose the ad you don’t want to see from the selected topics determined by Instagram and make the app more comfortable for yourself.

Hiding an Ad

If you see an ad that you don't like on Instagram other than the methods we've mentioned, there are a few things you can do to remove that ad from your feed or stories and help it affect which ads you see.

To hide an ad that you don't like:

  1. Tap the (iOS) or (Android) icon at the top right of the sponsored post.
  2. Tap Hide Ad.
  3. Why are you hiding this ad? section, you can choose why you don't like the ad from the list of options. This helps us better orient your advertising experience on Instagram.


Please note that when you hide an ad on Instagram, that particular ad is hidden from you. 

Although it is not certain, if you apply this to all the ads you encounter, you will see that the number of advertisements that come up after a while decreases.


If you want to completely remove Instagram ads, you can use various programs. However, some programs may endanger the security of your account and personal information. Therefore, before using the program, research its history and get help from programs that are considered absolutely safe. Otherwise, you may experience unwanted problems.